Electrical Safety Training Topics

There are several topics you should cover as part of your electrical safety training program. Whether you’re new to the industry or you need to refresh your team on electrical safety protocols, these courses are a great way to ensure that everyone is safe while working with electricity. From understanding the various electrical hazards to grounding electricity, these courses will help you stay safe while working around electrical equipment. Listed below are some of the most important topics to cover.

Electrical safety courses cover everything from basic grounding to current electricity and static electricity. These courses cover the hazards of both types of electricity and how to use an extinguisher if a flammable liquid or energized equipment fire occurs. They also cover NEC rules regarding installing fuses and circuit breakers. They also cover proper ways to install a motor feeder protection device, how to select a thermal overload relay, and how to use detectors properly.

The best electrical safety training courses teach people how to recognize an electrical accident and react quickly. The course should also include basic CPR and emergency response training. Electricity strikes without warning, and you must be prepared for the worst. It’s also important to make sure that the people you work with are trained to help you during an emergency. And don’t forget to update your rubber insulating gloves when necessary! You won’t want to leave home without them!

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