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KuCoin – What is the Minimum Amount to Trade?

One question that often arises when trying to buy or sell KuCoin is: What is the minimum amount of currency to trade? As with any other exchange, this varies from platform to platform. While KuCoin has a global presence and strives to serve its users from all corners of the globe, it does not operate in the U.S. This means that users from this country are unable to use the platform and complete KYC verification. This means that their daily withdrawal limit will be lower than those who have undergone KYC verification.

If you’re new to cryptocurrency, you should first learn more about the benefits of this popular exchange. It offers a wide range of opportunities for earning. KuCoin offers an Affiliate Program, a Referral Program, rewards programs, raffles, and interest on peer-to-peer loans. The site also offers an extensive Help Center and educational resources. Its affiliate program offers various benefits to customers who want to start earning crypto.

KuCoin also supports direct bank card purchase and PayMIR integration. While fees vary depending on the payment method chosen, you should expect to pay around five to seven percent of your total trade volume. For example, Simplex and Baxa both charge three to five percent of the amount of each transaction. As long as you are within the daily limits, you should have no trouble trading in this exchange. A few disadvantages of KuCoin include:

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