What Is White Hat Seo Has Many Strategies?

White Hat SEO (White Hat SEO)

Anyone who has done SEO or Search Engine Optimization for a while will know that SEO has many strategies to learn because Google has hundreds of factors. items used in the ranking.

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Causing many people to search for various techniques to hack until resulting in various types of SEO. In this article, Maewsom will take you to know one of the most sustainable SEO techniques that is white hat SEO or White Hat SEO.

What is White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO or White Hat SEO is the optimization of a website by tweaking and improving the website according to the guidelines and rules of Search engines like Google to increase the chances of ranking on the SERPs. White Hat SEO is SEO without using any cheats.

Emphasis on optimizing the website to be pleasing to the search engine mainly, such as adjusting the website structure to be user-friendly, doing keyword research that matches the website’s target audience, making internal links and external links, etc.

White Hat SEO vs. Black Hat SEO

When there is a white hat SEO that focuses on improving the website to be clean and white. There must be other SEO strategies that focus on using cheats in various forms such as gray hat SEO or Black Hat SEO. Let’s see how. How is it different from white hat SEO?

– White Hat SEO

Improve On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO by following Google’s recommendations or following 100% rules to rank on Google pages, for example:

– Quality Content Optimization is content adjustment to suit SEO and content optimization on the website. to be easily discoverable and good for the user

– Link Building is the process of linking other websites. to your website Also known as backlinks to increase the chances of being ranked in SEO.

– Site Optimization is the improvement of the website in terms of Technical SEO.

– Black Hat SEO is the use of techniques that either violate Google’s rules, or break the rules that Google doesn’t recommend. Using a loophole in the ranking manipulation algorithm

– Keyword Stuffing is the repeated keyword or main search term. or too much in the article With the aim of making the website that page do a better ranking, but this method is prohibited by Google because it may cause your website to be banned or cut off from the search result index.

– Misleading Redirects is a misleading redirection method that redirects to pages completely unrelated to the original website.

– Link Schemes is the purchase of Blog Network (PBN) links to improve search results and rankings. or offering free goods and services in exchange for a link and good reviews By using automated programs to create those links that are not natural.

– Blog Spamming is the creation of spam or advertising messages. to build credibility within the blog This is something Google doesn’t recommend.

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